Holiday memoirs of our guests – biking around Vodice

A holiday memoir for bikers, written by Bartek from Poland – thank You Bartek for sharing Your memories!

Vodice is my favourite Croatian town. This charming place, situated in central Dalmatia is most certainly a good place for two wheels lovers. One of the arguments for choosing Vodice for biking is its localization. The town is surrounded by versatile terrain forms, which is important, because it allows for recreational flat terrain riding as well as a solid mountain training. Regardless of the type of Your bike, both mountain and road bikers will find tracks suitable for their needs and skills.

Personally I train road cycling, so I cannot say much about off-road riding. Several times, using mountain bikes available in Kałuża apartments I went to ride in terrain. The available bikes are suitable for recreational trips only so I You plan some serious mountain biking, I recommend taking Your own bike. Vodice is surrounded with many gravel roads, leading over smaller and higher hills.


After having driven many kilometers on surrounding roads, I can say that Vodice is a suitable place for traditional cycling. There are several demanding approaches in the area suitable for training. Most of these are located in Krka National Park Area.


Other, less demanding approaches are situated closer to Vodice. In the neighbourhood I recommend the 500m very steep approach near the church, just at the outskirts of Vodce route.



Second, longer but also steep approach leads towards the relay station / tower. Some other approaches are situated on a close-by island of Murter. The terrain around Vodice is also suitable for time trial training. After the hard trainig, relaxation is also required, so the fact that there is a swimming pool at the apartment helps here a lot!

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As for bicycle tourism, I can say that You should be delighted. There are some great vantage points around Vodice and some interesting monuments to see.

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What I find important is very good road quality and limited car traffic. I did also find the driving culture and bike awareness on a very high level in Croatia, far beyond what I am used to at home. Another important aspect is the weather – the climate is really appropriate for cycling, allowing for training in spring, summer and autumn.


Summing up, I think that a stay at Paradis apartments is a perfect option for biking holidays or even organizing a small biking group!


Some of my biking routes around Vodice:










Visovac island / Wyspa Visovac

Visiting Krka National Park

DSC02292The trip to Krka National Park, approximately 30 km away from Vodice, takes about 40 minutes. Entries to the park are at Skradin and Lozovac. At the spot you will have an opportunity to travel with tourist boats to see the first part of the park. Lower area of the national park offer breathtaking views of waterfalls and beautiful nature. The waterfalls on Krka, next to Plitvickie National Park, are one of the most beautiful areas of Croatia. Should You have time for further sighseeing, I highly recommend taking a boat trip from Lozovac to Visovac – a tiny Island in the middle of the lake with a Franciscan monastery. The photos of the monastery on Visovac are often seen on postcards from Croatia, as it is one of the most remarkable places in the National Park. If You want to see the monastery from above, there is a great viewing spot near the town of Bristane – just turn left on the roundabout before the town. It is also possible to take a boat from the parking there to visit the monastery. The history of the building dates back to XV century. The museum is open at the monastery with archeological items and a collection of art and books.




Another interesting area to view in the national park is its upper part. I advise going  first to Roski Slap entry, just above the town of Rupe. This area also offers  extraordinary views of waterfalls, surrounded by tall rock walls of the valley. There is a  car parking at the entrance. In the area, there is also a cave, high above ground, which  can be visited. There is a long wooden staircase leading to the cave. Further on up the  valley, there is another monastery open for visit. It is remarkably beautiful and  certainly worth visiting. The Krka Monastery is Serbian Orthodox, the paintings on the  walls of the church situated here are really worth seeing. Should you still have some  time to travel up the Krka river after this visit, it is also a good idea to see the  fortressess of Trosenj and Neceven.

The last part of the park, I highly recommend visiting is around the Brljan lake with the tallest waterfall called Manojlovac. The view of the valley here is so beautiful, that even the Austrian emperor Franz Jospeh I  made a stop here to admire the view. The area near the lake, called Burnum contains some interesting archeological elements of a Roman camp and arena.



Food in Croatia

The selection of dishes in croatian restaurants is really impressive, so everybody will find something that will suit him/her.

In the picture above, You may see croatian specialities for breakfast or just a quick snack – delicious cheese (we recommend Pag cheese) Pršut, which tastes great with olive oil and local dry salami.

In our opinion, the best food Croatia has to offer comes from the sea: fish, scampi, shells, squids – all fresh and tasty!



Breaded squids with sauce and fries – delicious!



Grilled gilthead  – with potatoes and boiled leaves with olive oil, garlic and salt -a dish certainly worth waiting for!



Ćevapčići with fries, onion and Ajwar sauce – a dish you can make at the grill area near our apartments – is a very common plate in Croatia.



Many Croatian restaurants offer Italian food – pizza, lasagne, spaghetti to make decisions easier in case you can’t decide what to eat. They are all really tasty especially with Croatian beer or wine!


Holiday memoirs of our guests – Vodice with a toddler

I’ve spent my holidays in Vodice, in Paradis Apartments several times. In 2014 we’ve decided to go there with our 11 month son (!). Initially, we were full of second thoughts, wondering how is it going to be. Fortunately, they all turned out to be unnecessary. Above all, the little One didn’t mind the car journey from Poland at all (we split the road for two days with a hotel stay in Austria). Immediately on arrivel Our son began his holidays, even before we managed to unpack ourselves by demanding a visit to the pool. You have to be careful though and apply suntan oil frequently as the Croatian sun is pretty strong, even in September.

Three weeks we spent there passed fast and without any problems, and we really enjoyed the fact of travelling by car. For people, who like to sightsee, Vodice is really great as it is in a great spot for shorter and longer trips, especially to the Krk National Park. We also made a trip to Zadar (wonderful water organs!!!) Plitvice National Bark (marvelous!!) and other pictureque places like Primosten. We decided to avoid the strongest sun by travelling and sightseeing until 15.00 or by the pool in the shadow playing with the baby and after that we want to the beach. The beaches of Vodice are rocky but, the positive aspect is that the passage to water in the area is easy, our son managed to crawl into water by himselg several times under our supervision. We bought the little one beach shoes for the rocky surface, they are available in Vodice even for 11 month old children (they are very useful and…. cute – Young moms will understand what i mean!)

Our son came back tanned, he learned how to walk up and down the stairs during the stay and he threw rocks into water (endless times) and most importantly HE SWAM IN THE SEA!!!! (we were taking him to a swimming pool since he was 6 weeks old) As I look over the photos now, he is smiling on all pictures we have from Vodice!

I recommend a stay there, I think, also in my little son’s name!